The Water Opportunity

Jun 1, 2010

The Canadian Business Journal, June 2010

Last year, I went to see Michael Lee Chin speak at an event held at the prestigious Royal York Hotel, downtown Toronto. There were many pearls of wisdom, but there was one thing that really struck me during his delivery he was always looking for an opportunity. Even in bad situations, Lee Chin believed opportunities lay in waiting. He told us about the saying, In every crisis there is a danger and opportunity. The key is to respond to the opportunity before anyone else does.

In 2010, there is mounting evidence that a global water crisis is brewing and Ontario is moving to focus on the water opportunity it presents. Perhaps it might make some sense for us to briefly have a look at the crisis, the dangers and the opportunity. Then we can see what some Canadian cleantech companies are working on to meet the challenge and seize the water opportunity.

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