ENBALA makes finalist list for GreenBeat 2010 Innovation Competition

Nov 1, 2010

We’re excited to announce the finalists of the GreenBeat 2010 Innovation Competition. VentureBeat and its advisors selected these companies for having the most promising ideas for making the next generation of the smart grid a bionic upgrade VentureBeat is calling the super grid that’s the ultimate marriage of infotech and cleantech a big business.

The team looked for companies developing new technologies to help decarbonize the grid, facilitate data transmission and monitoring of power use, and increase efficiency and conservation. In addition to innovative technology, they looked for clear revenue models that can be sustainable in a rapidly changing space.

Executives from the 10 finalists will present live onstage at GreenBeat 2010, the executive summit on the super grid we’re cohosting with SSE Labs at Stanford University, November 3-4.

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