XPV supporting sponsor at Water Tech Week 2011

Jan 4, 2011

February 14-17, 2011 | Wyndham San Jose | San Jose, CA

A sudden ramp-up in opportunities faces developers and vendors of water control technologies. Multiple new industrial and regional markets with vast untapped needs are opening up. As water supply, quality and reuse turn into one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century, innovations in technologies and services are urgently required. Today’s booming water technology markets include fuels (oil, gas, shale, biofuels), power generation, industrial process, agribusiness, food/beverage, desalination, buildings and corporate risk management. The US EPA forecasts $277 billion will need to be spent on water infrastructure by 2019, while some market analysts put the tag as high as $600 billion. Opportunities for water technology suppliers have never been greater.

However, each of these new market segments has its own unique needs and competitive dynamics. Developers and vendors of water solutions need to sort out the most promising markets, how their products will fit in the different competitive landscapes, and how to position their products for maximum profitability.

Infocast’s sellout event from 2010, Strategic Opportunities in Water Technologies, returns in 2011, now expanded as WATER TECH WEEK with more information, more disruptive technology and more opportunity to meet key water tech customer decision-makers. This event provides an unparalleled forum for developers and vendors of water management and treatment technologies to learn about end-user markets, and meet with prospective buyers to learn about their specific needs. Internationally recognized experts will survey domestic and global market opportunities and hurdles and a series of market-by-market panels with major industry buyers will provide insight into the particular needs of each niche. WATER TECH WEEK will also highlight investment opportunities in innovative technologies, services and business models, including the latest update on the water solutions needed by the horizontal E&P industry, and provide a platform giving startups and spinouts a chance to profile their breakthrough products. The event will offer a robust environment for building relationships and making deals essential to success in the new era of water efficiency. Don’t miss it, or miss out on the new business development event of the year!