ENBALA featured in Water Canada as part of Water’s Next

Jan 7, 2011

ENBALA’s technology harnesses energy and opens new revenue streams for water plants.

By Kerry Freek

It seems impossible, but with its new smart grid development, ENBALA Power Networks is promising municipalities a no-strings-attached source of revenue. We’re not taking full advantage of the flexibility in our power systems, says Ron Dizy, president and CEO of ENBALA. And wasted power is wasted money.

Formerly called Sempa Power, the originally British Columbia-based company’s heritage started with hybrid heating, a system designed to allow commercial buildings to decrease greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and reduce energy costs through automatically switching between fossil fuels and, in British Columbia, hydroelectricity, based on the cheapest fuel source in a 24-hour cycle. “We’ve always been about optimizing the way loads use energy,” says Dizy. Sempa’s team wanted to know what else it could do to balance energy.

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