FilterBoxx Water & Environmental Closes $9 Million Financing

Sep 9, 2011

Calgary, Alberta FilterBoxx Water & Environmental Corp., a Calgary based company, announced today that they have closed a follow-on investment with XPV Capital and EnerTech Capital for $9 Million. The current round of financing will be used to help the Company continue its expansion of existing business lines and continue to move into emerging areas; including tailings pond treatment and offshore oil and gas water treatment.

“FilterBoxx has built an excellent reputation in the oil and gas industry as a provider of high quality products and services to help major energy companies address their water issues. We are in a position to continue growing while helping oil and gas companies minimize water consumption by reusing water, reducing energy consumption, and increasing efficiency,” says Kevin Slough, Chief Executive Officer at FilterBoxx. “We are excited to have closed this round with these two highly regarded private equity funds. We believe that their involvement in the company lends a substantial amount of strategic and development support in the area of innovative water treatment technology, with emerging water issues in SAGD oil sand extraction, tailings water treatment, frac gas and enhanced oil recovery.”

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