FilterBoxx Announces Growth and Expansion

Nov 2, 2012

Calgary, Alberta (October 26, 2012): Mr. Larry Novachis, Chief Executive Officer of FilterBoxx Water & Environmental Corp. (FilterBoxx) along with the COMBO Energy Services Division (COMBO) have announced the initiation of significant project activity for the third quarter. Mr. Novachis comments that “These strategic projects and initiatives demonstrate the successful implementation of our long range Business Plans in a number of key areas.”

Custom Engineered/Turnkey Solutions

FilterBoxx was chosen to complete a major effluent field project in Northern Alberta. The project involves a custom distribution system to accommodate more than 750m3 of treated wastewater. In addition, the effluent field requires heat tracing and ground protection for more than 4.6 kilometers of effluent field piping. FilterBoxx has provided the potable water and waste water treatment systems as well as site utilities including the sewage collection and water and fire water distribution systems for this client.

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