Martin County Utilities Implements Class A/EQ Neutralizer Systems and Saves $600,000 in Year 1

Sep 13, 2013

BCR Environmental’s Neutralizer Installations will Lower Operating Costs by 50%, Eliminate the Need for Capital Improvements, Reduce Energy Consumption, and Reduce Regulatory Compliance Risk

JACKSONVILLE, Florida September 9, 2013 BCR Environmental announced today that the company will install Neutralizer systems at Martin County’s Tropical Farms and North County wastewater treatment plants as part of a guaranteed Performance Contract.

The Neutralizer systems will reduce energy consumption by 90% (1,800 MW/yr), reduce operating costs by $600,000 in the first year of operation (average of $920,000 annually over the next 15 years), eliminate odor, upgrade the County’s regulatory compliance from Class B to Class A standards, reduce sludge volume and produce a high-quality beneficial reuse product to improve nutrient loading in the environmentally sensitive Okeechobee River Basin.

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