FATHOM and Citiworks to Formalize Strategic Technology Partnership

Jun 17, 2014

PHOENIX  June 16, 2014  FATHOM (Global Water Management, LLC) and Cityworks (Azteca Systems Inc.) announced today that they are expanding the long-term, strategic technology partnership between the two organizations. Through this partnership, both Cityworks and FATHOM will work collaboratively to develop a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud-based geospatial work order system delivered within the FATHOM platform. This platform, made available through a SaaS delivery model, will expand the accessibility of robust work order management functionality on an as needed basis to the small and midsize utility markets, allowing for the incremental adoption of data rich utility practices.

“Historically, advanced technologies in the water sector have been reserved for those utilities with large budgets and large IT departments,” said Brian Haslam, President and CEO of Cityworks. “Both FATHOM and Cityworks have been independently working toward breaking that barrier to allow smaller utilities to benefit from the same technology across different customer and client verticals. This partnership will not only allow our technologies to be more accessible to those smaller utilities but also provide them the flexibility to adopt just those features they need, knowing that they can activate additional features and functionality as they go.”

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