Fathom Announces Contract Extension with American Water to Upgrade to Latest Release of the Fathom MDM Platform

Aug 15, 2014

PHOENIX August 15, 2014  Global Water Management, LLC (FATHOM) announced today that they have executed a 10-year contract extension with American Water that will provide for the deployment of the latest release of FATHOM MDM to American Water with a license for up to 4 million meters and devices. FATHOM MDM is a cloud-based, manufacturer-agnostic, end-to-end integrated solution that turns meter reads into useful and actionable information. With FATHOM MDM, American Water will have the critical middleware necessary to combine the many different meter reading technologies, including manual reads, touchpad reads, automatic meter reading (AMR) and advanced meter infrastructure (AMI), with different metering infrastructure manufacturers employed in their systems nationwide into a single data stream.

John Bigelow, Senior Vice President of Business Services, American Water, stated, “When we initially implemented the FATHOM MDM platform, the primary goal was to find a way to efficiently manage and read the various metering infrastructure across our organization and facilitate bill generation. This updated version of FATHOM MDM will allow us to go even further, with field deployed tools that will give our operators better insights on the system, allowing them to more efficiently and effectively manage the systems as well as provide opportunities to provide real time data access to our customers.”

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