FilterBoxx Announces Rental Fleet Expansion to Serve Clients Across Canada

Oct 31, 2014

Calgary, Alberta (October 29, 2014): Mr. Larry Novachis, Chief Executive Officer at FilterBoxx Water & Environmental Corp. (FilterBoxx or the Corporation) announced that FilterBoxx Energy Services is in the final stages of a capital build program to expand the rental fleet of mobile treatment systems.

“FilterBoxx Energy Services Inc. has the largest rental fleet of mobile water and wastewater treatment systems in Canada. In addition to the equipment rentals, we specialize in providing certified plant operations personnel to ensure plants meet all operational, safety and environmental requirements” comments Mr. Novachis.

The new units are designed to treat up to a 70 person camp with wastewater discharge quality of 10 mg/l BOD and 10 mg/l TSS, producing an excellent quality effluent ready for re-use and or discharge.  They will also have the ability to provide electricity, potable water storage and distribution, toilet and laundry facilities for small/temporary drill camps.  “These units are the standard of the industry, and we are really excited to provide the market with a product that is over and above the expectations for the same great price” adds Novachis.

The first unit will be ready in November 2014, with additional units following thereafter.

About FilterBoxx Water & Environmental
FilterBoxx Water & Environmental Corp. operates subsidiaries as FilterBoxx Packaged Water Solutions and FilterBoxx Energy Services. Packaged Water Solutions is solutions based supplier of standard and custom water and wastewater treatment systems. FilterBoxx Energy Services provides Rental Equipment, Services and Plant Operations to our rental fleet of water and wastewater treatment systems. Energy Services also supports our Design-Build-Own-Operate (DBOO) plants operating throughout Canada and the USA.

For more information please contact:
Larry Novachis, Chief Executive Officer
FilterBoxx Water & Environmental Corp,
Tel: (403) 203-4747

Krystal Markiewicz, Executive Assistant
Tel: (403) 444-8580