Global water prices outstrip inflation as scarcity, neglect and public finances catch up with customers

Feb 17, 2015

Summary: Global Water Intelligence publishes results from the Water Tariff Survey 2014, exposing water’s dependence on economic indicators, as energy crises, currency runs and political unrest pushed more costs onto domestic consumers.

The global cost of water has risen by 4.3% in the past year according to Global Water Intelligence’s 2014 Water Tariff Survey. On average residents of the 355 cities surveyed pay $2.18 per cubic metre for water and wastewater services combined, with the most expensive water in the world found in Aarhus, Denmark, whose tariffs is calculated to be $10.09/m3 for the benchmark 15m3/month user. The cheapest water is to be had in countries like Turkmenistan and Ireland which do not charge for water yet (from next year Dubliners will pay $5.58/m3).

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