Therma-Flite Thermal Desorption System to Help Multinational O&G Company Reduce Refinery Waste Management Costs

May 28, 2015

Game-Changing System Allows for Delisting, Improves Safety for Operators and Environment (May 27, Dallas TX)  This week Therma-Flite, one of the largest providers of resource recovery technology, announced that one of the largest orders in the company history, a thermal desorption system with three process trains that include HOLO-SCRU dryers and ELEXTRO-SCRUs together shipping at more than 300 tons, is due to arrive in Europe for one of the region’s largest multi-national oil and gas companies. Destined to be installed onsite at a refinery, the system will be able to process approximately 200 tons of material per day and will greatly reduce the volume and toxicity of the refinery’s diverse waste streams. Therma-Flite’s system uses a proprietary thermal process and duel screw technology to render the final material as non-hazardous and reduced to one seventh of its original volume, which results in a significant cost savings to the refinery. In North America the thermal desorption process allows refineries to meet RCRA regulation which allows the material to be delisted. “Our HOLO-SCRU and ELEXTRO-SCRU system is a unique solution that helps refineries meet mounting regulatory, economic and environmental pressures” said Joshua Scott, Therma-Flite COO, “New regulation increases the cost and scarcity of options for refinery waste disposal. There is no question that the economics and the environmental benefits point to our proprietary system as one of the best business decisions the refineries have. It’s a win-win because, in addition to cost savings, our system is one of the safest there is for the operators who manage the equipment, and the resulting material is safer for the environment.” To read more click here