FilterBoxx Water & Environmental Announces Pharmaceutical Wastewater Recycle Project Award

Mar 4, 2016

Calgary, Alberta (February 22, 2016): Mr. Larry Novachis, Chief Executive Officer at FilterBoxx Water & Environmental Corp. (“FilterBoxx” or “the Corporation”) announces that FilterBoxx Packaged Water Solutions was awarded the contract to supply a 410 m3/d wastewater treatment and recycle plant for a Pharmaceutical Company.  The company is one of the world’s largest medical device manufacturers, 5th largest pharmaceutical company, 6th largest biotech and 6th largest consumer healthcare companies in the world.

“With more and more plants looking to save money, infrastructure and utilities can often be the source of effective change and savings.  The cost of water, wastewater and energy continue to increase on an annual basis without sign of change” comments Novachis.  “The company elected to take action to put control of costs into their fiscal mandate.  There were several initiatives, and one of these was to find a means to reduce the wastewater from the facility while also offset the cost of fresh water by recycling” he adds.

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