Organica Water and Aan de Stegge form exclusive partnership in The Netherlands

Jul 29, 2016

Aan de Stegge (ADS) today announced that it has reached an agreement with Organica Water, for ADS to hold the exclusive license of Organica Technology for the Dutch market.

Localized wastewater treatment specialist Organica Water brings a highly imaginative approach to wastewater treatment in urban and suburban areas. Organica’s treatment facilities utilize active biofilms on natural (plant) and/or engineered (patented biofiber media) root structures, all housed in a fully-enclosed, odorless facility. The result is a solution which offers a significantly reduced physical footprint and lower operational and infrastructure costs when compared to conventional wastewater treatment solutions, all in the form of a pleasant botanical garden-like environment. Organica-powered facility is more than just a wastewater treatment plant. It is also a water reclamation garden, educational facility, and symbol of sustainability in the community that enables cost-efficient water reuse and allows for maximized development opportunities – particularly in populated areas where footprint and odor are significant concerns.

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