Turning Waste into Gold

Aug 19, 2016

Tom Morris didn’t necessarily think he was standing at the beginning of a revolution.

When Jacksonville-based BCR Environmental approached him a decade ago to pitch using its technology in the Clay County wastewater treatment plant Morris oversees, though, his interest was piqued.

“They were very clever in their approach and the process that they explained, and we were impressed,” said Morris, executive director of the Clay County Utility Authority. “We were also concerned, as you can imagine, in that it had never been done before.”

What BCR wanted to do was change the way the utility processed biosolid waste — things like human effluence. Rather than typical, electricity-intensive methods, BCR uses a patented mixture of chemical and biological processes to turn the waste into usable gray water and fertilizer — a byproduct it sells for about half the price of synthetic fertilizers.

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