10 Phoenix startups making tech bloom in the desert

Mar 27, 2017

Phoenix Arizona, (trivia test), is the US state capital with the largest population (1.53 million as of 2015). The 4.3 million people in the metropolitan area make it the 12th largest in the US. Being the state capital helped make Phoenix the cultural and business hub of the state. Before air conditioning made the aptly-named Valley of the Sun bearable after World War II, the area was known for the “Five C’s” meaning cotton, cattle, citrus, climate, and copper.

Four Fortune 500 companies call Phoenix home, as do teams in all major professional sports and Arizona State University. Proximity to Silicon Valley but a much lower cost of living, not to mention some great scenery and plenty of money available for investments, have made Phoenix a “hot” (literally and figuratively) startup market.

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