Resources and investment capital for companies that make a difference.

You've already developed a great company. Now we want to help you make it extraordinary by leveraging our sector expertise, growth resources, and financial capital to take it to the next level.

XPV Water Partners - About usXPV Water Partners - About us

We live, eat and breathe the water, environment and end user challenges ... just like you.

We understand the unique business model challenges like no one else, because like you it's our sole focus. We understand your customers and their specific end user needs, from varying sales cycles, unique channel management to executing project deliverables. We can tailor our tools and resources in a highly specialized way in order to achieve positive, rapid and manageable growth in your organization.

XPV Water Partners - About usXPV Water Partners - About us
Partners in growth


XPV is comprised of experienced water entrepreneurs, operators and investment professionals dedicated to your success. We started as grassroots angel investors and today we manage over $400 million USD of investment capital, and have access to over $1 billion in co-investment funds. We manage capital on behalf of some of the top institutional investors in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Our family of companies are making a difference by both bettering the world and creating significant shareholder value.


We partner with, invest in, advise, and assist entrepreneurial companies like yours to grow and create value for all stakeholders. We work with you at critical stages of your growth cycle to ensure that you always have the resources you need. We value your expertise and your passion for the business you've built, and want to work with you to realize your vision for success.

Flexible Investment

We can help your business finance new growth initiatives, acquisitions, management buyouts, corporate spin-offs and shareholder recapitalizations. If you’ve got a successful company that has the potential to make an impact, both on the bottom line and beyond, we can fit our investment to match your needs.

XPV Water Partners - About usXPV Water Partners - About us

We commit to being a passionate, candid and transparent business partner.

We will work hard to provide you with the tools you need to realize the full potential of your business. As a trusted partner, we can offer you strategic guidance as you grow, providing current, relevant industry insight on the sector that can impact your company's long-term success.

Operationally, we will provide hands-on support to your business, offering our experience and expertise to help develop relevant and scalable business processes that will support your growth.

We will make available to you the most extensive global water, related waste and environmental industry network. Our ecosystem will help put you in direct contact with industry experts and leaders that can make a difference in your business.

Financially, we will invest in you and your innovative product or service in order to reach your growth potential.

We will work hard to give you the competitive advantage that only a sector focused team can.