Carlos Silva

Operating Principal

Phone: 1-416-864-0475 ext. 309

Carlos has been with XPV since 2015. He applies his experiential knowledge and acquired best practices to lead the operational capabilities assessment of potential investee companies, as well as supporting the development of teams, processes and tools in existing XPV Portfolio Companies.

Carlos has dedicated his entire 35 year career to building sustainable operational excellence in industry leading companies such as ZENON Environmental Inc., GE Water Technologies, Biorem Technologies and Enbala Power Networks, amongst others. As a senior manager, Carlos has led building and evolving Sales, Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing, Construction and Customer Service functions.

It takes a competitive spirit to build operational excellence – something Carlos has been told he has aplenty – so it’s not a surprise he loves sports in his off hours. In the summer you’ll find him golfing or on a soccer field. In the winter, he plays hockey. It’s family first for Carlos, and he spends much time with his wife and three grown kids. He’s having some difficulty adjusting from running them around to their activities, to his current reality of having them come to his games and critiquing his play.