Providing Wind Integration through Intelligent Load Management

Jun 28, 2013

Toronto, Ontario June 25, 2013 Through a competitive RFP process, ENBALA Power Networks was selected by New Brunswick Power to facilitate the effective integration of renewable wind generation to the province in connection with the PowerShift Atlantic project. ENBALA’s role is to connect and engage New Brunswick Power’s commercial customers in real-time to support wind integration. ENBALA is the first company in Canada to connect and intelligently manage loads to balance the intermittency of wind power. This project is accelerating the successful integration of clean, renewable energy resources to the grid and supporting green initiatives through customer engagement.

PowerShift Atlantic, an Eastern Canadian research demonstration project, is focused on finding more efficient and unique ways of integrating wind energy into the power system by connecting utility customers. Wind power is an important part of New Brunswick’s current electricity supply, making up 6% (294 MW) of the generation mix. By working closely with ENBALA and its grid balancing technology, New Brunswick Power’s commercial customer base can support a more reliable and cost effective grid, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and decreasing costs.

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