FilterBoxx Supplies New Potable Water & Waste Water Treatment System to Camp Operator

Mar 20, 2015

Calgary, Alberta (March 16, 2015): Mr. Larry Novachis, Chief Executive Officer at FilterBoxx Water & Environmental Corp., announces the successful delivery of a new potable water treatment plant to the Sunday Creek site located in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

The client, one of North America’s leading providers of modular workspace, remote accommodations and energy services, began its working relationship with FilterBoxx back in 2009 on the rental of a waste water treatment system for a 300 man camp, including the full time operations. Over the years, the working relationship has evolved.

In 2011, the client upgraded the waste water plant to accommodate a population increase to the camp resulting in a 600 man system. In 2014, the population doubled again and a 1,200 man waste water treatment plant was required. This onsite upgrade was completed within 5 weeks, while the plant operated at full capacity resulting in no downtime for the client. Later that year, FilterBoxx was awarded the new 1200 person potable water treatment plant. This plant was delivered to site, installed, started up and commissioned in early 2015. FilterBoxx is the full time operator for both the waste water and potable water treatment plants.

“We really enjoy working together with this great team of individuals to bring them a world class water treatment facility to their remote site. In addition, through our excellent working relationships with regulatory bodies, our environmental team was able to support the client with all permitting associated with the plants” comments Mr. Novachis.

About FilterBoxx Water & Environmental

FilterBoxx Water & Environmental Corp. operates subsidiaries as FilterBoxx Packaged Water Solutions and FilterBoxx Energy Services. Packaged Water Solutions is solutions based supplier of standard and custom potable water, process water and waste water treatment systems. FilterBoxx Energy Services provides Rental Equipment, Services and Plant Operations to our rental fleet of potable water and waste water treatment systems. Energy Services also supports our Design-Build-Own-Operate (DBOO) plants operating throughout Canada and the USA.

For more information please contact:

Larry Novachis, Chief Executive Officer
FilterBoxx Water & Environmental Corp,
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