Waste water Treatment Plant Sees Economic and Environmental Return on Investment with Biosolids Drying System from Therma-Flite

Jun 8, 2015

(Dallas TX) Today, Therma-Flite, a resource recovery technology company, released a new case study that provides municipalities with a look at how one mid-sized city has achieved its goals of eliminating transportation and landfill costs associated with biosolid waste disposal. Regulatory, economic and environmental pressures prompted the plant operations leader to seek equipment and systems that could transform biosolids into Class A product. Now three years down the road from the start-up of a biosolids thermal dryer manufactured by Therma-Flite, the city has realized a number of goals established at the onset of the project. “There are certain conditions that make the BIO-SCRUÂ a good fit for municipalities and in this case, the system fit our requirements perfectly,” said the plant operations manager, “first we identified a need for a continuous feed system matching to the dewatering technology. We wanted to avoid a batch system which can get into some odor issues and that was important for us to avoid in our community.”  The continuous feed system is designed with software that allows Therma-Flite technicians to program the right timing and temperature variables during start up testing. Once programmed it can run 24/7 and requires less plant operations staff to run the system. To read more click here