Therma-Flite Customer Named Top Performer for Biosolids Management

Apr 22, 2016

The Municipal Utilities Board of the City of Albertville evaluated numerous options before settling on a long-term biosolids technology. Between landfilling 30 years ago and indirect closed-loop thermal drying today, the utility tried land application of Class B biosolids and explored thermophilic digestion, lime stabilization and various direct drying technologies. Elden Chumley, general manager and CEO, calls the Alabama utility’s BIO-SCRU drying system (Therma-Flite) a clean and economical process that yields Class A biosolids with a variety of potential applications.

“Nearby landfills were no longer in operation and land application sites were limited,” says Chumley. “We had to start looking for the next phase. We asked, ‘As the city grows, what is going to be our option?’ We looked at drying technologies for reductions in volume, handling costs and regulatory restrictions. Today, our end product is 90 percent dry and meets the Exceptional Quality requirements. It has done very well in the marketplace. Further treatment of the material makes it easier to find end uses for it.”

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