We Partner With Innovative Water Technology Companies

Our Partner companies create innovative products or services that make a difference in water. Some of our partner companies include:

Aquatic Informatics is a mission-driven software company that empowers utilities and municipalities to tackle tomorrow’s water challenges —today. As the world’s largest water data management provider trusted by over 1,000 organizations globally, Aquatic Informatics delivers solutions that improve water data integrity, streamline regulatory compliance, and strengthen resilience.

Aquatic Informatics’ trusted platforms include AQUARIUS analytics software for natural environments, WaterTrax compliance and electronic reporting tools for municipalities, Linko software for the management of industrial pretreatment and hauled waste records, and Tokay for the management of backflow prevention and cross connection control programs. From source water through to receiving environment, our interconnected data management platforms drive the efficient management of water information across the water cycle to protect human health and reduce environmental impact.


ATLAS-SSI is one of the largest full-service producers of industrial raw water intake equipment including traveling water screens and trash rake systems with deep expertise in engineering and manufacturing capabilities. To compliment the product offering, the company has in-house commercial dive teams and offers a “one-stop solution” with a full suite of support services including inspections, repairs, and preventative maintenance. Additionally, ATLAS-SSI manufactures large-scale clamshell buckets and grapples for handling bulk material.


BCR is an integrated environmental technology and solutions company driving mass market conversion of organic waste to marketable products at a cost structure lower than traditional treatment and disposal. The company is a biosolids sector leader being the first and only company to ever gain national regulatory approval from the U.S. EPA on new biosolids technologies for the wastewater market.   The Company’s project development and services division, NuTerra Management, has completed over $120 million of public and private partnerships and over the past 10 years has 100% project success. BCR’s technologies disinfect, stabilize, deodorize and reduce the mass of organic waste material from wastewater treatment plants to produce a marketable product that is 50% lower cost than traditional solutions.

Environmental Operating Solutions Inc. (EOSi) provides “green” chemicals and technical services for biological nutrient removal and similar treatment processes in municipal, industrial, and commercial water and wastewater systems.  EOSi’s agriculturally-derived, non-hazardous MicroC® carbon sources are generally used on a recurring basis to provide an energy source to bacteria in biological treatment systems, addressing contaminants including nitrogen, phosphorus, selenium and perchlorate.  MicroC® products are also used as a food source to sustain biomass during maintenance at industrial wastewater facilities and to establish biomass for new biological treatment system startups.


Born from a utility for utilities, FATHOM is the largest software-as-a-service, cloud-based, geospatial data integration platform and the true Smart Grid for Water. The FATHOM mission is to unite the fragmented water industry by providing standardization and economies of scale to enable water utilities of all sizes to unlock the power of their meter and customer data in order to increase revenue, decrease costs and delight customers. Through the FATHOM Utility-to-Utility (U2UTM) Solutions and their network of utility and water industry partners, they are changing the water utility paradigm by redefining the water industry from meter to customer. With four million meters on FATHOM and more joining every day, there is strength in numbers.

Holland Pump Company manufactures, sells, rents, and services pumps and related equipment for infrastructure project dewatering, sewer by-pass, as well as a wide range of agricultural, mining, marine, and other industrial applications. The Company complements its pump rental fleet with outstanding service – from installation to ensuring its customers’ pumps are running – to live to its promise of helping its customers Finish Faster. Holland’s projects have been focused in the Southeast United States, with a deployed fleet of diverse specialty pumps and related equipment necessary to meet increasingly complex fluid handling challenges.

Isle Utilities is a specialist technology and innovation consultancy focused on the water sector and adjacencies.  Through its consulting work, Isle helps customers with technology searches & evaluation, as well as with implementation, strategy, business development, market assessment and operational efficiency engagements.  It also offers a subscription-based service called Technology Approval Group (TAG). Through its TAG platform, Isle helps utilities and municipalities identify, screen, and adopt new and novel technologies more efficiently than they would be able to do with their own internal resources.

For more information about Isle Utilities, go to http://www.isleutilities.com.

LuminUltra Technologies is a testing and analytics company that provides fast, cost-effective, and simple solutions for microbiological problems in water, helping customers in a range of industries to operate their processes more efficiently with less risk.

LuminUltra’s highly proprietary technology is primarily based on monitoring water samples for ATP, the main energy carrier for all forms of life and a key indicator for total microorganisms.  Its detection technology is known for a high level of accuracy, reliability, and rapid response.  Its testing and analytics solutions are sold globally through industry-leading distributor partnerships, servicing customers in oil & gas, industrial processes, and municipal water management and wastewater treatment applications.


Metasphere Ltd provides robust asset monitoring of time critical remote operations for operators to gain competitive advantage and meet regulatory compliance. The ability to monitor remote assets and systems in real time is a defining process of telemetry and in order to achieve this, Metasphere provides system solutions using its own components combined with the latest technology and products. The company offers open-standard interfaces to allow its users to readily integrate Metasphere products and solution offerings into their existing IT infrastructure, thereby minimising time and cost for the user and ensuring that data collection devices and systems are as interoperable and as secure as possible within a smart water and waste water network.

Metron-Farnier offers a line of high performance residential and commercial water meters augmented with smart meter technologies. The Metron-Farnier metering solution provides superior measurement accuracy and range with the industry’s highest data resolution and AMI reporting. With installations throughout the US, Metron-Farnier smart metering solutions are preferred by utilities due to their ease of installation, accuracy, superior low-flow performance, and strategic partnership with Verizon Wireless®. Their products can show when and how water is consumed down to flowrate levels which can be used in a variety of technical programs such as conservation, meter sizing, time-of-use studies, flowrate analysis and more. Their model enables the development of cellular based automated metering networks without the need for costly infrastructure.

Mobiltex provides hardware and services to monitor the operation and effectiveness of cathodic protection systems for pipelines and other buried infrastructure. Cathodic protection systems prevent or mitigate external corrosion of buried equipment, substantially reducing operating costs. The company also hosts servers and manages the data from remote communication with each of their client’s monitoring systems on a fee for service basis, providing valuable information to their clients for asset management and regulatory reporting requirements.

NSU is an emerging national leader in water reclamation and reuse innovation. It has designed 150 plants and operates more than 200 systems across 10 states, including the largest base of reuse and natural treatment systems in the US.

NSU offers a full range of integrated design, build, operations & maintenance, and ownership solutions for mid-sized commercial, institutional, municipal, and residential development clients. Its operating experience allows it to continually improve plant designs and operational protocols to lower life-cycle costs, increasing value to customers. NSU’s technical expertise spans a range of water, wastewater treatment, direct and indirect reuse technologies, supplemented with in-house patents and exclusive licenses, together offering a differentiated, sustainable intelligent infrastructure solution.


Newterra serves a global client base with diverse water challenges – from treating mining tailing ponds to meeting the high purity water needs of power plants to providing modular potable water and wastewater treatment solutions.  Newterra’s modularized water treatment plants are at work in many industries and have made Newterra a key partner to worldwide clients – from Fortune 500 resource companies to public utility power generators to food & beverage producers.   Newterra is opening up new possibilities for decentralized water treatment with redeployable systems of impressive size and scale.  Their modular “plug & play” solutions can be located virtually anywhere and be scaled up and down in parallel with capacity requirements.  Newterra’s installed base of over 10,000 systems reflects our growth in new markets, and the trust our many repeat customers place in Newterra.

Nexom offers proprietary wastewater treatment technologies that help consulting engineers, municipalities, and industrial clients solve key pain points in nutrient removal, energy efficiency, and operational efficiency.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has named nutrient pollution “one of America’s most widespread, costly, and challenging environmental problems.” As nutrient limits and energy costs expose the limitations of existing wastewater solutions, engineers need new tools they can trust. Nexom is a leader in providing efficient yet powerful wastewater processes to manage nutrient treatment and filtration, especially in harsh climates. More than simply an equipment manufacturer, Nexom is a complete solution provider, supplying clients with design and project support that maximizes the efficacy of its proprietary technologies.

Organica provides game-changing wastewater treatment solutions in small-footprint, odourless, botanical garden-like facilities that can be located in any urban or suburban setting. With 80+ references in sizes as large as 80,000 m3/d, this proven western technology is rapidly gaining traction in growing emerging markets such as China and South East Asia. Organica delivers a step change reduction in the total cost of wastewater treatment service delivery by lowering plant construction and operating expenses along with enhancing surrounding land value.   Through a unique business model that empowers local project delivery partners via win-win incentives and an “industry first” automated design platform, Organica is rapidly scaling to become the “operating system” of choice for wastewater treatment plants globally.

Shenandoah Growers Inc. is the leading US provider of organic fresh culinary herbs, one of the fastest growing categories in the natural produce market.  Its proprietary greenhouse and water technologies allow it to use 90% less water than conventional growing methods.

Shenandoah Growers was an early leader in sustainable, controlled agriculture, with the first USDA-certified organic greenhouse in the US.  It is now the nation’s largest grower and distributor of fresh-cut and potted natural herbs and related products, sold to national and regional grocery chains and food service companies across the US.   Its farms continue to develop innovative and sustainable growing technologies, with automated, proprietary techniques for providing high quality fresh products with a small water and land footprint.

SmartCover® Systems is a remote monitoring and data management company that helps utilities to track and manage critical field conditions in real time.

The SmartCover® system has emerged as an industry leader in sanitary sewer collection system management, helping customers prevent stormwater overflows, reduce the cost of sewer maintenance, and improve capital planning.  The company’s patented, self-contained, low-cost monitoring technology provides reliable two-way wireless communications and continuous remote sensing of level, flow, and other parameters in challenging conditions.  The monitoring system is complemented by proprietary, predictive data analytics services, allowing customers to anticipate and address operational and compliance risk before  ..it happens®.