Who We Are

We partner with, invest in, and assist entrepreneurial companies like yours to grow and create value for all stakeholders. We work with you at critical stages of your growth cycle to ensure that you always have the resources you need. We value your expertise and your passion for the business you have built, and we want to work with you to realize your vision for success.

Meet The Team

Our team is a unique blend of operational, entrepreneurial, and transactional expertise. We are entrepreneurs and investors who understand the challenges and obstacles facing growing companies. We believe that partnering requires us to support your company by sometimes being your corporate strategists, headhunters, investment bankers, sales assistants, and organizational therapists.

Our Values

At XPV, our core values are our guiding principles that reflect our personal and professional standards, our operational philosophy, and our company vision. Our core values shape our organizational culture, differentiate our company, and provide the essential moral compass that governs our everyday relationships with potential and current partners.

Walk the Talk

Always execute on what we said we would. Pull in help from the team where required to ensure we can deliver. Anytime we are asking someone in our ecosystem to implement something, we need to be embodying that same ask ourselves.

Attentive Urgency

We ensure accuracy and consistency in our work, and we provide information in a usable form and on a timely basis to others so that it can be put into action. We are responsive in our communications and ask colleagues and partners for help rather than trying to do it all ourselves.

Together We Win

The success of our portfolio and investors is top of mind in all of our work – we are guided by what’s in it for them at all stages. We seize opportunities to show our portfolio companies how what they are doing is creating value for investors.

Enable Others to Succeed

We put others first. Collaborate and set the other person up for success. Remove obstacles to enable a better outcome. Delegate responsibility and share decision making.

Relentless Improvement

We show a sense of curiosity in all our work and interactions. Ask and learn, and read about new and leading industry practices, trends and opportunities. We learn from our own and others' mistakes. We share lessons learned as well as what has led us to key wins and successes, as well as best practices.

Make a Difference in Water

Leverage our ecosystem to forge strategic partnerships, open new markets, and build a stronger customer base.

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